An update for everyone!

Jamie and I submitted our application for Gallery Night and Day this morning!

In the end, two of our three options wouldn’t be able to accommodate us, so we had to choose the property at 3333 W. National Avenue.

Our tattoo parlor contact would have been open to hosting, but the saturday (day) portion of the event conflicted with his shop’s schedule.The BikeFed space would have been a wonderful possibility, but the owner of the building, a really nice gentleman by the name of Tom Schuler regretfully had to inform us that the space would be occupied in the new year, and construction beforehand made his building inaccessible.Still, with the application in..this process gets much more creative!

We’ll know for sure in the next week or so what the status of our application is. Judging by their response, we should have no problems being accepted (fingers crossed everybody!)

In the meantime, Jamie, Tony, and I will develop a working relationship with the property owner and organize a schedule for us moving forward. The space is currently unoccupied, so we’d like to get in there asap and turn that blank canvas into a creative-friendly environment.

I’ll keep everyone updated as the week progresses. There’s still some ironing out to do on our end, but we’ll have a better understanding of our budget as soon as we bridge these last few gaps.

Thanks for staying informed everyone!
– Nolan


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