Catching up…

The 25th meeting is coming up! (Again, at Anodyne on South KK.) Be there! If not for us, then for the coffee itself.

We are open to suggestions for any additional meeting times. 
I’m going to hold off on pushing forward any official submission guidelines yet, but here’s a teaser: 

  • Submission deadline is December 31, NYE, and will be all digital. 
  • Preferred file type is *.jpg/*.jpeg, max 3MB.
  • The artist is expected to submit only work they can have ready for presentation by gallery time. 
  • The artist is responsible for providing their own frames, mats, and print/card protectors as appropriate.
  • All mediums are welcome, but as you can see our space is limited so there is no guarantee that all submitted work will exhibit in the first show.
  • Commission? NO. NO COMMISSION. 
  • There WILL, however be a submission fee so we can share the expenses of this endeavor. (A fee breakdown is forthcoming…)

We’re brewing all sorts of good mischief. Stay tuned.


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