Much beloved artists, we need you!

We are working with LBWN on their InterNational Food and Art Walk, September 7, 2013, and we are very actively seeking artists who are interested in participating.
The event runs from from 12-5PM that Saturday.

Artists would have the opportunity to display and sell their work in designated areas along the walk, and are expected to be present for the duration of the event. Live art-making is highly encouraged. Additionally, there is a small stipend (DEPENDING on how much grant funding we are able to secure) of up to $150/artist, as well as an Art Walk competition for an original piece created for or at the event (subject pending) with an as-yet-undetermined monetary prize (also from this grant).

The facebook album for last year’s event is here for your viewing pleasure.

A 75-word biography/mini-statement.
Work samples (not necessarily work you will be showing).
See this link for details.

BY THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 15. (We are very very sorry for the short notice, but there is nothing we could do.)

Please e-mail questions and submissions ASAP to milwaukeesatellitegalleries@gmail.com.


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